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Serving the Northern Utah Counties & Salt Lake City Area

Commercial Property Inspections in Northern Utah Counties & Salt Lake City Area

Why should a commercial/property building assessment be used during any real-estate transaction?


A property condition assessment is the start of the planning process. For long term planning of capital renewals, deferred maintenance, depreciation reports and reserve fund studies, make Always First Home Inspection your first step in the planning process.

A property condition assessment can provide the client a 360-degree perspective on the asset (property acquisition, lease, or divestment) during the necessary due diligence process.

What types of buildings fall into the commercial envelope?

Commercial Building

Industrial building, retail stores, office buildings, apartment buildings, special purpose buildings, and condominium reserve fund studies are considered commercial properties that require special considerations, such as environmental site assessments, elevators, parking garages, fire protection systems, or asphalt paving.

Why use Always First Professional Building Assessments?

Commercial Building

Always First Home Inspection follows strict guidelines of the baseline property condition assessment process as outlined by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard E2018.

Our inspection reports include a comprehensive review of: structures, parking garages, exterior cladding, roofing, mechanical systems, interior finishes, elevators, electrical, plumbing, heating, fire protection, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessibility compliance, and swimming pools. Environmental site assessments can also be performed, providing a single point of contact and simplifying the evaluation process.

The Building Assessment report presents our findings in a clear, concise manner outlining the property condition and potential future expenditures. We make specific recommendations, including repair costs and priorities.

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